Terms & Conditions of Booking

1. We are an adults only bed & breakfast. That is, you must be 18 or over to make a booking or stay with us. 17 or under, you will need to find alternative accommodation. Proof of age may be required. If under the age of eighteen then we may refuse accommodation with the loss of all fees.

2. Check-in times are 4pm to 6pm unless agreed by prior arrangement made at the time of booking. Check-out time is 10:00am; bags and possessions must be taken with you, we have no storage facility.

3. Your must be 18 years old or over to make a booking.

4. The booking contract will exist between us and the person making the booking, that is the person whose credit /debit card is presented for payment. This person will be liable for any payments.

5. Payments. At time of booking we require a non-refundable deposit to be made, equal to the value of the first night.  Payment must be made via a valid credit or debit card. Any balance will be taken 14 days prior to check-in.  If the balance can not be taken then we reserve the right to cancel the booking and retain all fees.

6. Cancellations. When you book your accommodation you are entering into a legally binding contract. If you are forced to cancel or cut short your holiday, for whatever reason, in part or in whole, under the law you may be liable for cancellation charges. The Richmond Bed & Breakfast levies cancellation charges set out below:

Number of days' notice & cancellation fees charged

15 days or more, value of first night
14 days or less, 100% of booking value

Days are counted from the booking check-in date. Note: ‘for whatever reason’ includes (but is not limited to) bereavements, appointments (including hospitalisation), loss of employment, bad weather, loss of transport (including ferry's), disinclination to travel, personal finance problems, illness (or suspected illness, including but not limited to SARS / Covid-19) forced or voluntary isolation(quarantine) etc.

In the best interest of our guests The Richmond strongly urges guests to protect themselves against these charges by taking out adequate holiday cancellation insurance. Should a guest fail to take cancellation insurance the guest accepts the risk of any loss arising, in part or whole of the accomodation fees. No liability will accepted by The Richmond B&B for this failure and therefore no reimbursement or other compensation will be made by us.

In addition to the above scale of charges, you will also be liable for the full cost of any charges that we may have incurred on your behalf (i.e. to third parties), such as car hire or ferry ticket charges. Bookings made via third parties i.e. online travel agents such as Booking.com, Expedia etc. will be subject to the cancellation polices published on each site at time of booking. Bookings made via a third party agent must be cancelled via that agent.

All bookings are subject to this cancellation policy and we do not operate any form of deferral scheme.  Requests to move booking dates are regarded as a cancellation of the current booking and the creation of an entirely new booking with the required new dates.


7. Cancellations must be submitted in writing. Post or e-mail will be acceptable if from a known e-mail address. Verbal cancellation is not acceptable. The cancellation date will be from the date the written notice is received by us, not the date posted or by verbal communication.

8. Guests causing damage to the building, fixtures or fittings will be charged for their replacement or repair. The person paying for the booking will be deemed liable if the guest themselves are unwilling or unable to pay.

9. We undertake not to increase the price of your stay from when booking accepted and as notified to you in the letter of confirmation; except that we reserve the right to increase our prices in line with any increase in the rate of Value Added Tax that might occur during the period of your stay with us. A formal letter or email confirming your reservation will be sent by us only if requested.

10. Bookings may be cancelled by us in the case of Force Majeure. This will include but is not limited to natural disasters, acts of government, epidemics, civil unrest, war, acts of terrorism, police/local/national authority instruction, war or other unforeseen events beyond our control for which we cannot be held responsible. In these circumstances a full refund will be given and our liability will not go beyond that. If desired by the guest we will attempt to obtain a refund of ferry ticket fees. These are purchased on your behalf subject to the ferry company’s terms and you may not be eligible for a refund.

11. If you are required to make any changes to your reservation once the contract has been entered into, we will undertake to do our best to meet your changed requirements but are not obligated to do so. Any additional costs arising as a result of such changes will be regarded as a legitimate change to the contract already entered into and will be reflected in the final cost of your holiday.

12. We accept responsibility for those arrangements for your holiday which are within our control, but we cannot accept liability for any injury, loss or damage suffered by you or any member of your party, or to your or their property, unless it can be found that we or our employees were at fault or negligent. We accept no liability for any incident, injury or accident caused by any third party where we acted as an agent on your behalf in the making of a reservation or arrangement.

13. Regretfully we do not cater for pets, but assistance dogs are welcome.

14. The reporting of lost property will be the responsibility of the guest. We will endeavour to return reported lost items by post at the owners’ expense. If an item is left in the building it may be disposed of after 14 days if no claim is made for it to be returned.

15. In consideration of our guests we do not cater for hen, stag or parties that we deem similar.

16. Bookings are not transferable to other parties. Transfers may only take place with our consent.

17. On site car parking is not offered as part of the booking and is complimentary at our discretion.  We have limited on site parking, near by on street parking is available if we have no space available. Our carpak in unable to accomodate large vechicles, that is any vehicle over 4.5 meters in length. E.g. commercails (transit vans), pick-up trucks, large estates/SUV/RV or simmular.

18. If car parking space is available guests may use it free of change under the following conditions:
a. Vehicles and their content are left entirely at owners’ risk.
b. Vehicles are parked only with our permission.
c. Vehicles may be blocked in by other guests vehicles for which we accept no responsibility. Use of the car park is advised only in the evening, overnight or at such time when being blocked in does not result in any difficulty.

19. Use of hire cycles. Whilst we welcome cyclists it is the responsibility of those who hire cycles to personally supervise their collection/delivery, perform any required maintenance, repair and personally supervise their return/collection. The hirer must also supervise directly with the hiring agent and make correct and proper payment directly to the hiring agent. A cycle rack is available subject to availability (a maximum of four cycles at any one time) to which cycles may be locked when not in use. The use of the rack is entirely at the hirers’ risk. The Richmond bed & breakfast will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to cycles or their equipment however sustained. The agreement to hire cycles is a contract that exists solely between you, our guest any the cycle hire agent, we are third party to any such agreement and will play no part in it.

19. The hire of motor vehicles is subject to the same conditions as cycles.

20. The price of your stay will includes a complementary cooked breakfast from our set menu the exact content of which is available upon request.  We no longer provide cater for special diets such as gluten free or vegan. There is no refund for any breakfasts not taken.

21. The booking of ferries on your behalf is a non-obligatory complementary service and is subject to the ferry company’s terms and conditions. Amendment and/or cancellation may be subject to additional fees from both the ferry company and us.

22. Your booking is for accommodation only.  Booking of ferry tickets is a complementary service only and does not form part of our contact. We accept no responsibility for ferry travel, not being in a position to book tickets (i.e. we are absent) or if tickets are not available (discounted or otherwise).

23. We do not accept booking from groups. That is a booking for a party of guests that wish to occupy more than one room. Any group bookings made online without our consent will be refunded in full and their booking cancelled.

24. The Richmond bed and breakfast is a private home. As such we expect all guests to treat us and other guests with respect and courtesy at all times. Any guest who adopts a verbal or physically aggressive attitude will have their stay with us either cancelled or terminated immediately with the loss of all fees.