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We're pleased to say that our diary is now open for 2022, Covid-19 remains a consideration so please read our statement below.


The Richmond is an adults only bed & breakfast located in Shanklin on the sunny Isle of Wight. The island has beautiful scenery and a seemingly endless variety of things to see and do. We have castles, idyllic country villages, wildlife and pristine beaches and the best weather in the U.K.

The bed & breakfast is a Victorian building, approximately 150 years old. We are a private home run by husband & wife with five modern guest rooms, we hope we offer a level of comfort that will exceed your expectations and at highly competitive prices.

We are blessed with a central location within easy walking distance of the beach and our old village where you'll find many restaurants and pubs, some overlooking the sea. Whether you are walking, driving, cycling or using the bus, we are a perfect base for exploring the many delights that the Island has to offer.

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Friday 29th April 2022

Covid - 19 Update

Our Response to Covid-19

To our guests,

With the continuing Omicron variant we have been advised by the health authority that we may re-open but extra cleaning practices should be maintained. In accordance with this advice we have decided to retain some best working practices for the rest of 2022 for everyone's safety.

At Richmond B&B we have always had the highest cleaning standards possible. As the coronavirus continues to impact the world, it is important for us to show you the additional measures we have implemented in the face of Covid-19 to ensure you feel safe and secure when staying with us.

We are confident that these extra cleaning steps and precautions make the Richmond B&B a safer place to stay, so that you can enjoy your time on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

These changes cover all aspects of our operations, including breakfast service, guest room and common areas, housekeeping and supplement our already rigorous cleaning processes. Our goal is to ensure the utmost in cleanliness and hygiene every day.

This response to the Covid-19 situation may be subject to change prior to your check-in. We therefore ask that you revisit this page prior to check-in in order to review any changes.


General guest guidance

  • Observe social distancing from those not in your household, please avoid passing on stairs or in corridors.

  • Use the provided hand sanitizer on arrival, on departure, before entering the breakfast room and regularly during your stay.

  • Avoid loitering in common areas such as reception area, corridors and the breakfast room.

  • To minimise risk we can not accept baggage for storage prior to check-in or store bags for collection after check-out.

  • If you can call or e-mail us with your intended time of arrival that would be appreciated in order to avoid simulations check-ins.

  • Please use your own hand sanitiser prior to ringing the doorbell & entry.

  • All visitor information material has been removed from reception. Much of the information is available on our website or the tourist information centre in Vernon Cottage, Shanklin old village.



  • Our check-in times are from 4pm to 6pm only. Please do not arrive outside of these times.

  • We may ask guests to wait in their car if another guest is being checked in ahead of you.

  • On arrival we will greet you maintaining a safe distance.

  • Hand sanitiser located on the desk in reception if need during your stay.

  • If a credit card detail is taken by us then we will enter the detail into an encrypted device.

  • Bags will be carried to guest rooms only if necessary.



Guest Rooms during occupancy

  • We ask guests to wash their hands before they leave their room. We have been advised that sanitiser are not as effective as a good hand wash.

  • Anti bacterial liquid soap is supplied in every guest room. Please notify us if these become low during your stay.

  • TV/DVD remove controls should not be removed from their protective covers.

  • If there is a problem with any appliance then please notify us, do not attempt to rectify the problem yourself.



Breakfast service

  • A specific breakfast room table will be allocated to each room for the duration of your stay. Tables will be set at government recommended social distancing guidelines.

  • Do not rearrange our tables & chairs.

  • Breakfast will be on a pre-order basis only.

  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided before entering the breakfast room.

  • All condiments are provided in single serving sachets.

  • Breakfast is served in our breakfast room from 8:30am to 9:00am. Please be seated during this time.

  • If you wish to change your breakfast order for the next day then please notify us before you leave the breakfast room as we have removed all order slips and pens.


Kitchen use

  • Use of the kitchen by guests is strictly forbidden.

  • We are not able to store guests own items in our fridges.


Kitchen cleaning

  • High-temperature dishwasher cycle is used to sanitize all dishes, silverware, and glassware.

  • The kitchen is cleaned and sanitized before and after every breakfast. It is also cleaned and sanitized after we make our own meals (this is our personal kitchen after all).

  • No individuals other than the owners are allowed access to the kitchen.


Daily guest room housekeeping service

  • If we are required to enter the room then guests must vacate during this time.


Car parking

  • Guests may still park free of charge on our driveway on the understanding we will not be entering any guest cars in order to move them should the need arise.



  • Please open a bedroom window prior to departure.

  • Please ring the bell on reception to gain our attention, this is cleaned after use. Avoid knocking doors.

  • All account charges will be processed by us through our reservation system. There should be no need to settle balances at check-out so there will be no paper, pens, or credit card machines to touch.

  • If there are any extra charges and credit card needs to be processed during check-out, we will make sure that this is performed without any risk to the guest.

  • We ask that keys are left on the inside of your room door, they will be sanitised later by us.


Rooms, post check-out

  • The entire room is stripped of all linens (towels, sheets, pillows, pillowcases, pillow protectors, mattress protectors, duvets and duvet covers). All are removed from site for washing by a professional laundry.

  • All hard surfaces in guest rooms are cleaned with a suitable sanitizing agent, paying close attention to door handles, light switches, drawer knobs, window handles, hair dryers and remote controls.

  • All shower room basins, taps, counters, showers, shower doors, and handles are sanitized.

  • All surfaces on the toilet and the toilet paper holder are cleaned and sanitized.

  • Partially used toilet paper rolls are replaced with new full rolls after every guest check-out.

  • All bathroom floors are vacuumed, then washed with hot water and detergent.

  • Once cleaned to our high standards, each guest room will be locked and will remain closed until the next guest checks in.


Common areas

  • Common areas like the breakfast room will be cleaned and sanitized daily. High touch items such as door handles & bannisters are cleaned several times each day.


Private areas

  • Some doors may be marked as ‘Private’ or ‘No admittance’. Please respect these signs and do not attempt to pass beyond these points.


What to do if you develop Covid-19 symptoms.

  • If you experience symptoms of Covid-19 please inform us BY PHONE! Call 01983 862874, leave a message if there is no answer.

  • You and all of your group will need to self isolate in your rooms and book at test by calling 119. To book your test you will need to use OUR postcode PO37 6AS, door number 23.

  • Do not go to the doctor or the hospital unless it is an emergency.

  • Tests take place at in the Newport area, the exact location may be subject to change.

  • A home kit may be arranged, you will be advised during the phone conversation.

  • If you test positive you and your group will need to go home as quickly as possible. If your stay comes to an end you should not wait for your results before going home. The ferry companies are making it their duty to move bookings when necessary.

  • You may be contacted by the test and trace team and we ask that you provide as much information as possible.

We hope that by laying out these procedures you will have peace of mind that we are doing all we can to minimise any risk of Covid-19 transmission. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Thank you,


The Richmond B&B – Shanklin – Isle of Wight